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I’m a carrot now.




That awkward moment when you moonwalk into MJ

Fun Fact: That kid is actually Alfonso Ribeiro, AKA Carlton from Fresh Prince.


Sometimes i wonder

Why do i need to lose weight so bad?



Hana SPC ‘Aurora’ lenses in grey.  :3
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*spoiler alert* My thoughts on Catfish episode 9 season 2.

 For starters, yes. I think this person is crazy. But its obviously deeper than you think. I posted this on the MTV comment section as well:

This guy’s state of mind has been altered by the sheer weight of his own circumstance.He hates himself because of his sexuality and he felt small and worthless because of the homelessness. His father suddenly dying obviously didn’t help. The worse thing though is his girlfriend. He recognizes that she loves him despite how worthless he thinks he is, and he hates himself even more because he knows he cannot love her in the same exact way.  

      He’s crying out for help but isn’t ready to recieve the help because that would mean that he would lose the only person that seems to care about him. It would never be the same. Thats why he agreed to be on the show. He was happy to know that someone ELSE cared for him on the inside. A man who he could love in the same way. 

     When he saw Artis’s reacton to him, he immediantly became defensive and switched up his story to protect himself from the hurt. His emotions became uncontrollable. His words barely made sense because he was telling the truth and telling lies, not sure what he even wanted to do. That happiness he had was a lie, becuase deep down he knew he could never BE jess. His love could never be real. Artis would never be happy to see him. —> 12:48. 

  Later, he puts on this ‘i dont care ’ attitude to sheild himself from being vunerable. By now he’s probably feeling lost and hopless. His escape from reality is gone. 

I feel really bad for this guy. His intentions was never to ‘play’ around with men. He wanted someone who could love his insides, A MAN. Thats why his profile was a female and not a gay guy. So his little story would work on his girlfriend or whoever asked him about it. 

I hope he finds happiness.


in case y’all didn’t understand how periods work

Tamako Market is gonna get deep af i know it.